From August 31st to September 2nd , 2018, a tattoo circus will take place in the occupied Koch area (Koch-Areal) in Zürich. This is a festival organized according to the principles of do-it-yourself organizing. During the tattoo circus, a space will emerge in which tattoo culture and the fight against prisons and repression come together.

Various tattoo artists will provide their time, experience, creativity and as much ink as possible to support these struggles. The principle of the tattoo circus is that no one personally profits at this event, neither the tattoo artists or piercers, nor the bands, speakers or performers work for their own profit. All supporters make their skills, energy, and resources available through conviction and solidarity, with the awareness that the full proceeds will benefit those who are resolutely fighting the state and capital.

The Tattoo Circus does not want to limit itself to the tattoo culture! A multi-faceted program is being prepared that deals with the topics of prison and repression in different ways and invites participation. Therefore, there will be presentations, workshops, information on prisoners, and a prisoner letter writing corner. Performances, concerts, food and bars are organized for the purpose of entertainment.

For a society without prisons and repression!
For a world without authority!