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Schedule of presentations

Friday, August 31st 2018

4pm: Western Alps anti-repression solidarity fund

6pm: G20 Hamburg – Organisation and Repression

Saturday, 1st September 2018

12am: LGBTQI in turkish prisons

2pm: Discussion about the Anti-terrorism legislation

4pm: Antiprison-Struggles in Greece

6pm: Prison rebels in the U.S.

Sunday, 2nd September 2018

12am: Let’s sabotage the Federal camps!

2pm: Anti-Prison Struggle and Animal liberation

4pm: Update and Information about the repression in Basel

6pm: Movie “Deckname Jenny” and discussion


The following topics are confirmed. There will be translation into German, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

* Western Alps anti-repression solidarity fund

The “Cassa antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali” (Western Alps anti-repression solidarity fund), was born in the fall of 2000, in order to coordinate, among several anarchist individuals and collectives in Western Alps and Piedmontese plain, the collection of funds to be devolved to anti-repression activities and to the solidarity towards prisoners with which we have connections, friendships or affinity.

We contributed with benefits to other solidarity funds or similar projects in Italy and abroad (Iberian peninsula, Palestine, Argentina, Greece, Kurdistan, Russia). We publish also information material.

Furthermore, the several events we organized allowed us to widen the discussion about repression, prison and revolutionary solidarity, even in places and contexts in which is not given for granted that certain topics are to be discussed.

There will be also updates to the actual repression situation in Italy.

Friday, August 31str – 4pm

*G20 Hamburg – Organisation and Repression

In the begining of July 2017 there was a moment of revolte in Hamburg. The ordered and usual setting of protest against the G20 summit was left and 1000 of angry individuals took the streets to oppose the spectacle of the rulers in a moment of most intensive life.  For all people involved a deep experience which has left marks. We want to discuss the impact on the social context in which all of this took place, we want to talk about the experiences and thoughts of comrades who have come for the G20 to Hamburg. A bit more then a year after the events of the summer 2017 in Hamburg we want to share analasys, experiences and evaluations with each other. Some comrades from Hamburg will be there to tell us about their subjecive view of what has happende and talk about the recent situation and the developements of repression in Hamburg.

Friday, August 31st – 6pm

*LGBTQI in turkish prisons

We will talk about the specific situation of LGBTQI- prisoners in turkish prison. We will tak in detail about the specific problems and their needs inside the prison system. We will also talk about how the growing rightwing politic affects the LGBTQI- Movement in Turkey and how their struggle looks like.

Saturday, 1st September – 12am

*Anti terror law

Input for a discussion about the Anti-Terror Law and the repression against anti-authoritarian and anarchist movements

Download the input (pdf)

Saturday, 1st September – 2pm

*Antiprison-Struggles in Greece

Antiprison-Struggles from the Solidarity fund for the Imprisoned and Persecuted Militants TAMEIO

Two activists from Tameio come to have a presentation about the antiterrorist law and its latest updates and will talk about the situations and struggles of the recent past within the Greek prisons.

Saturday, 1st September – 4pm

*Prison rebels in the U.S.

Coordinated Resistance against U.S. Prison Slavery: Reviewing Coordinated Prison Strikes and Moving Forward

The 13th Amendment of the U.S. constitution, though it abolished slavery, allowed for the legal use of forced labor and subhuman conditions as “a punishment for a crime.” As a result, state and federal governments, along with private corporations, are able to forcibly extract labor from the country’s extremely large and racialized incarcerated population. This extraction is done in coercive ways and under abusive conditions for very little pay or no pay at all. Prison rebels, along with a series of anti-authoritarian labor activists, anarchists, and anti-prison organizers, called for a national work stoppage in 2016 to disrupt the prison industries. On the heels of that coordinated strike, prison rebels continue to revolt and coordinate their efforts to create a crisis within the U.S. prison system. This presentation will discuss strategies, tactics, and challenges, with written contributions from imprisoned comrades.

The Fire Inside Collective / Incrarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Saturday, 1st September – 6pm

* Let’s sabotage the Federal camps!

In the new federal camps 5000 people are expected to be more efficiently isolated, exploited, and finally also deported. In this presentation we want to give an overview of the plans of the Swiss state and some ideas on how to cross these plans. Further we will focus on the involved NGOs and their role in legitimising the new camp system.

Sunday, 2nd September – 12am

*Anti-Prison Struggle and Animal liberation

An organiser from England will speak about current anti-prison struggles in the UK. England currently has the highest prisoner suicide rate in the world, and one of the leading rates of incarceration in Western Europe. The British state are planning to build 6 new mega prisons and 5 new women’s prisons as part of a £1.3billion programme. Learn about grassroots resistance to these projects, and other prisoner solidarity work taking place in the UK.

Empty Cages Collective |

Sunday, 2nd September – 14pm

* Update and Information about the repression in Basel

Since 2016, there has been an accumulation of various cases of repression as a reaction to militant demonstrations and other actions in Basel. Meanwhile, not only the cops on the streets have chosen a harder
approach, but also the courts are handing down increasingly stricter judgements, in contrast to a few years ago. We will present the different cases and try to put them into context. Furthermore, we would like to trace the developments and highlight the initial findings.

Sunday, 2nd September – 16pm